Baby pictures of Arda
Professional photoshoot in our home of us and Arda by Emma Changose. He was 4 weeks old.

Baby shower for Arda
Professional photoshoot before baby shower plus baby shower itself.

Wedding 2020
Photos from our wedding.

Baby pictures of me
Me as a baby. These are scans of photos from my parents.

Photos 2020
Random pictures from throughout the year of 2019 and 2020.

Photos 2018
Random pictures from throughout the year of 2018.

Washington 2017
Random pictures from throughout the year of 2017.

Helsinki / Tallinn 2017
I went to Finland for a conference, and stayed an extra week visiting around Helsinki and Tallinn, which was a 2.5 hr boat ride away. Tallinn was amazing!

San Francisco 2017
Visiting friends and family in San Francisco.

Dublin 2016
Pictures from my stay during a conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Washington 2016
Random pictures from throughout the year of 2016.

Photos 2015
Photos from 2015. I visited San Francisco this year.

France 2014
I visited two conferences in France, back-to-back. Curves and surfaces was in Paris, and EGSR was in Lyon. The weather, location, and people were all top-notch.

Zurich 2014
Here are some photos from my trip to Zurich in the spring of 2014. I took photos while wandering around the city, and there are some beautiful areas to be seen.

Pictures from SIGGRAPH 2013 located in sunny Anaheim, California. This was the first SIGGRAPH that I published a paper in, although I had attended previous conferences as a spectator. The experience was a lot of fun.

Seattle 2013
Here are some pictures from during my internship at Microsoft Research in the summer of 2013. I wasn't too good about taking pictures while I was there, but the Seattle/Redmond area is beautiful during the summer.

EGSR 2012
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2012 was held in Paris, France. In addition to presenting "Parameterization-Aware MIP-Mapping," I had a fun time walking around the city and checking out the sights.

Eurographics 2012
These photos were taken in Cagliari, Italy. I presented the paper, "Hierarchical Deformation of Locally Rigid Meshes" at the conference.

India 2012
These photos were taken during my visit to India in 2012. During my stay I visited Mumbai and Goa, but most of the pictures I took are from Goa.

Spring 2012
Spring in Texas with blue bonnets and indian paintbrushes. Texas is often brown and ugly, but, once per year, wildflowers add some color to the landscape.

Solid and Physical Modeling 2011
I took these photos during my visit to the SIAM GD/SPM conference in Orlando, Florida. I presented the paper "Positive Gordon-Wixom Coordinates." I also took lots of pictures of ducks!

Eurographics 2011
These photos were taken in Llandudno, Wales. I presented the paper, "Wavelet Rasterization" at the conference. I did not carry the camera with me all that often, but did take several pictures when I hiked up a nearby hill.

SGP 2010
These pictures were taken during SGP 2010 in Lyon, France. It was slightly difficult to get around France, because I only speak English, but the scenery is beautiful. Lyon gives a feeling of age and solidity that does not exist in any American city. I really liked some of the winding streets. The place feels like a maze of masonry.

Eurographics 2010
Eurographics 2010 was held in Norkoeping, Sweden. The conference was held in the middle of the summer, so Sweden was actually very pleasant in terms of weather. The city we stayed at had a cool combination of tall buildings, narrow streets, and flowing water.

SGP 2008
These pictures were taken during SGP 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was during the summer before I started graduate school. Despite being an undergraduate, I had the fortune of presenting a paper at an international conference and meeting some wonderful friends.