Streaming Surface Reconstruction Using Wavelets

Surface reconstruction from massive point clouds requires a method that is both memory and computationally efficient. Wavelets provide an orthonormal basis to calculate implicit functions for quickly generating high-quality surfaces.

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We present a streaming method for reconstructing surfaces from large data sets generated by a laser range scanner using wavelets. Wavelets provide a localized, multiresolution representation of functions and this makes them ideal candidates for streaming surface reconstruction algorithms. We show how wavelets can be used to reconstruct the indicator function of a shape from a cloud of points with associated normals. Our method proceeds in several steps. We first compute a low-resolution approximation of the indicator function using an octree followed by a second pass that incrementally adds fine resolution details. The indicator function is then smoothed using a modified octree convolution step and contoured to produce the final surface. Due to the local, multiresolution nature of wavelets, our approach results in an algorithm over 10 times faster than previous methods and can process extremely large data sets in the order of several hundred million points in only an hour.


download zip wavelet_reconstruct.zip

Binaries and source code for my implementation of the surface reconstruction algorithm, some helper programs, and an example that runs a test dataset.

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Help on how to use the WaveletPipeRecon program and the file format specifications.

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Patches and source code converted to 64-bit Linux from Matt Johnson.

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This is the set of slides that I used in my presentation of the paper at the Symposium on Geometry Processing 2008.


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