Color Study

In this interactive color study, I explore Itten's principles of contrast in a dynamic medium. The viewer is presented with an ever changing flow of color that is full of life. As the mouse cursor moves across the screen, the nature of the flowing colors changes. When the cursor is to the right of the screen the display is bright and lively, whereas the colors are dark and intense to the left. At the top of the screen an intense streak stands out in stark contrast to the bleak background, and at the bottom of the screen saturated colors battle between each other.

Specifically, the contrasts explored in this applet are as follows: top-center shows contrast of saturation, top-left shows pure contrast of value, while bottom-left shows contrast of value with saturated highlights. The bottom-right shows pure contrast of hue. Exactly which colors are shown is somewhat random, so contrast of complements and of warmth vs. coldness may appear anywhere except the top-left, which is entirely desaturated.

A somewhat more immersive view of the applet can be seen using this link.