Fast Filtering of Reflection Probes
Josiah Manson and Peter-Pike Sloan. EGSR 2016
Fast convolution of cubemaps with GGX filters using precomputed lookup tables that minimize L1 error.

Bilinear Accelerated Filter Approximation
Josiah Manson and Scott Schaefer. EGSR 2014
We approximate filters like in Cardinality-Constrained Texture Filtering (CCTF). Whereas CCTF places no restrictions on which texels to read, we add an additional structural constraint that the texels can be read using a bilinear sampler. This provides better cache coherency and hardware acceleration of the texture filtering, which improves speed, with only a small decrease in accuracy.

Improving Filtering for Computer Graphics
Josiah Manson. Disseration. Texas A&M University 2014
I present my work on filtering applied to several common problems in computer graphics. This includes my work on texture filtering, rasterization, surface reconstruction, and contouring indicator functions. I have rewritten and reorganized my previous papers on the subject into a coherent exposition.

Cardinality-Constrained Texture Filtering
Josiah Manson and Scott Schaefer. SIGGRAPH 2013
We combine optimized sets of texels from multiple levels in a mipmap pyramid to accurately reproduce filter kernels. Whereas samples from a mipmap are typically interpolated, we view sampling a mipmap as a problem of function approximation. Using half the texture bandwidth as trilinear interpolation, we generate clearer images.

Analytic Rasterization of Curves with Polynomial Filters
Josiah Manson and Scott Schaefer. Eurographics 2013
We describe a method for improving the quality of vector graphic images by analytically rasterizing images with high-order filters. We can rasterize shapes with any combination of polynomial curves and piecewise polynomial filters. In addition, we can rasterize rational quadratic boundaries, which allows exact evaluation of circles, ellipses, and hyperbolas.

Parameterization-Aware MIP-Mapping
Josiah Manson and Scott Schaefer. EGSR 2012
When downsampling textures for a mipmap, people typically use standard image processing techniques that are inappropriate for a 3D model. We show how to correctly account for the parameterization of a surface when downsampling and also how to correctly optimize mipmaps for trilinear filtering used by a GPU.

Hierarchical Deformation of Locally Rigid Meshes
Josiah Manson and Scott Schaefer. Computer Graphics Forum 2011
A method of applying deformations based on constraints to vertices in a high-resolution mesh. The deformation is calculated quickly by deforming a low-resolution base mesh, and adding details that match the deformation.

Positive Gordon-Wixom Coordinates
Josiah Manson, Kuiyu Li, and Scott Schaefer. Geometric and Physical Modeling 2011
Barycentric coordinates that are positive and have smoothness equal to the smoothness of the boundary. These coordinates are given by an integral rather than as the result of an iterative optimization.

Wavelet Rasterization
Josiah Manson and Scott Schaefer. Eurographics 2011
This paper won the Best Paper Award at Eurographics 2011. A method for quickly calculating analytically box-filtered rasterizations of 2D polygons and 3D triangle meshes. Wavelets calculate a multiresolution image over a quadtree or octree that is robust to degenerate input.

Contouring Discrete Indicator Functions
Josiah Manson, Jason Smith, and Scott Schaefer. Eurographics 2011
Discrete indicator functions are a special class of functions for which typical iso-surfacing methods produce poor results. We propose a new interpolant that does not generate the ridges that are generated by Marching Cubes on the same data.

Moving Least Squares Coordinates
Josiah Manson and Scott Schaefer. SGP 2010
A family of barycentric coordinates that are defined for both closed and non-closed polygons, have polynomial precision, and can control boundary derivatives.

Isosurfaces Over Simplicial Partitions of Multiresolution Grids
Josiah Manson and Scott Schaefer. Eurographics 2010
This method calculates isosurfaces of functions with thin and sharp features sampled over an octree. The surfaces are guaranteed to be manifold and have no self-intersections. We also introduce a way to simplify the triangulation while preserving surface topology.

Streaming Surface Reconstruction Using Wavelets
Josiah Manson, Guergana Petrova, and Scott Schaefer. SGP 2008
Surface reconstruction from massive point clouds requires a method that is both memory and computationally efficient. Wavelets provide an orthonormal basis to calculate implicit functions for quickly generating high-quality surfaces.

Effects of Nerve Injury and Segmental Regeneration on the Cellular Correlates of Neural Morphallaxis
Veronica Martinez, Josiah Manson, and Mark Zoran. Journal of Experimental Zoology 2008
We studied how worms regenerate body parts and the effect of growing a second head on the worm's nervous system.

Cooperative Signaling Among Bacterial Chemoreceptors
Run-Zhi Lai, Josiah Manson, Arjan Bormans, Roger Draheim, Ngoc Nguyen, and Michael Manson. Biochemistry 2005
The chemoreceptors Tsr and Tar are known to form trimers. We introduce a mathematical model for interaction between Tsr and Tar within trimers to explain the observed increase in sensitivity within mixed populations of receptors compared to homogenous populations.

Bimetallic Cluster Complexes: The Synthesis, Structures, and Bonding of Ruthenium Carbonyl Cluster Complexes Containing Palladium and Platinum with the Bulky Tri-tert-butyl-phosphine Ligand
Richard Adams, Bujor Captain, Wei Fu, Michael Hall, Josiah Manson, Mark Smith, and Charles Webster. JACS 2004
We studied the electron deficient metal-metal bonding within a pair of Ruthenium complexes.

Nickel-Manganese Sulfido Carbonyl Cluster Complexes. Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of the Unusual Paramagnetic Complexes Cp2Ni2Mn(CO)33-E)2, E = S, Se
Richard Adams, Shaobin Miao, Mark Smith, Horatio Farach, Charles Webster, Josiah Manson, and Michael Hall. Inorganic Chemistry 2004
We investigate the synthesis, structure, and properties of Nickel-Manganese complexes. These complexes have potential applications as catalysts for removing sulfur from gasoline.