Kid Cadet

Kid Cadet is a space puzzle game where you control a rocket ship by giving a sequence of commands such as "Thrust" to use the main rocket engine, "Wait" to wait a specified time, and "Left" and "Right" to spin your ship. Once you have created your list of commands, you can run the simulation to see how the ship behaves. Every level has a goal that must be completed such as visiting way points, landing on a planet, or entering a stable orbit around a planet.

Not only should you complete the objectives in a level, but you should do so as efficiently as possible. The amount of fuel and time used to complete the objectives determine your score for the level, and you must get at least a silver medal in each difficulty rank to move on to the next set of levels. In total, there are over 20 levels in Kid Cadet.

I hope that Kid Cadet is instructive to people who are not familiar with physics, is a challenge to those who know physics, and that the game is entertaining to all. If you want to discuss Kid Cadet with other players or see updates about the game, you can visit the Kid Cadet Facebook group. If you like Kid Cadet, then you may be interested in the games by Zachtronic Industries and his Games for Engineers.

Keyboard shortcuts:

	- ENTER = run
	- SPACE = turbo
	- T = thrust
	- L/R = turn left/right
	- W/S = wait/sleep
	- BACKSPACE = delete last digit of value
	- NUMBERS = add digit to end of value
	- LEFT/RIGHT = decrease/increase value
	- UP/DOWN = select previous/next instruction
	- PGUP/PGDN = move instruction up/down
	- DELETE = delete instruction
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